Here we seek to discuss FACTS directly related to the happiness and spiritual wellbeing of those we care for – including our own selves – from an Islamic perspective.

The Right – indeed, the duty – to freely exchange constructive ideas is enshrined not only in the First Amendment of the American Bill of Rights but also in the Qur’an. Variety in such ideas leads to vibrancy and prosperity in every sphere of human life. So, we here encourage you to participate in our discussions.

You’d also notice that we’ve included a more formal study of the Qur’an: recitation of passages suitable for memorization and study, and a course in the Arabic language as used in it.

We pray that you’d find our content beneficial – at least, interesting – and worthy of sharing with others.

Once again, WELCOME!

“And proclaim: ‘Truth has arrived and falsehood has vanished. Surely, falsehood is doomed to failure.’”
{Qur’an 17:81}

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Understanding the Arabic of the Qur'an:
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