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Islam - Let's Think About It.


‘Islam – Let’s Think About It’ is an effort to encourage objective discussion worldwide about the Qur’ān, about the Prophet, and about the Sharē’ah.  We research, present, and carefully examine the works of recognized experts in order to discover what relevance these three subjects have to life in the 21st century.  Does the Sharē’ah preserve and enhance human dignity, or does it try to force humanity into a 7th century ‘cave’?  Was the Prophet a violent law-giver, or was he a personification of universal mercy?  Does the Qur’ān sow the seeds of permanent violence and terror, or does it provide a blueprint for genuine harmony and comprehensive prosperity?  We examine the evidence objectively.

We believe that Muslims as well as non-Muslims all over the world deserve better than distortions, misrepresentations, and lies about the Qur’ān, about the Prophet, and about the Sharē’ah.  We believe that the Truth always brings great benefits - not the least of which is freedom from bigotry, suspicion, hate, and violence.  We therefore salute and join - through this Project - those who are working sincerely to preserve the dignity of every daughter and son of Adam and Eve.  We believe that what the United Nations called ‘Islamophobia’ results from a number of factors that could be collectively called ‘Actual or pretended ignorance of the Truth’.  Hence, the need to examine objectively.

We wish to invite you to be a part of this effort, and to thank you in anticipation of your contributions.  We believe that, as responsible citizens and as good Muslims, you would recognize this Project as an excellent opportunity to respond to the call of the Creator to “Be helpers of The One True God” {sūra 61:14}; that you firmly believe the Word of The One True God, “If you participate in the task of propagating the Word of The One True God with your life and wealth, He will help you and make firm your footsteps” { sūra 47:7}; that you have grasped the reality that, on the Day of Judgment, one would be under the shade provided by one’s voluntary contribution to noble causes. 

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Mission Statement

To illuminate truths about "The Qur'ān, The Prophet, and The Sharē'ah" and to eliminate related confusions and doubts in order to contribute to a more facts-based understanding of Islam and, hence, to peace and harmony.

Our Team

Our Team presently consists of a group of persons who wish fellow human beings real happiness.   We are dedicated and organized to encourage objective examination of the Ultimate Source of all happiness - meaningful connection with The Creator of the Universe.
Yes, the majority of us have “full-time jobs”, too, in such fields as medicine, engineering, 21st century technology, etc. and families.  And these responsibilities bring into sharper focus the need for each of us to be a part of this Team. 
Hopefully, you’d favorably consider joining us.