Think Arabic


What benefit is there in merely uttering words - even incorrectly - and with little or no understanding of what those words mean?  Now let's ask that question in the context of "reciting the Qur'an", understanding its message as reported from the Prophet by acclaimed scholars, the proper performance of compulsory rituals, and the plethora of authentic supplications. The absolute need for a functional understanding of the Arabic language should become clear.  It is this need that this course addresses.

Those blessed with a desire to understand what they read in the Qur'an, what they say as they perform daily prayers and other compulsory and recommended rituals, and as they pour their hearts out in supplications should find this course valuable in several important ways.

The course aims to help participants acquire a solid foundation in the language, a foundation upon which more in-depth studies may be undertaken.  The content is designed and presented in a way that should inspire confidence and boost competence.  There is no formal "final exam"!  Each participant automatically, frequently, and objectively measures personal proficiency while completing carefully structured exercises.  Utilizing various features of the Internet, each participant could work at the most convenient times, in most appropriate places, and as quickly as is personally comfortable.  "How long would it take me to finish?" is a personal decision - once the entire course is available on our website.  Further, parents may find this course suitable for their children as well.  

We provide more than a "good Arabic book" or a "language training tape" for foreigners.  This study of vocabulary, syntax and grammar covers the requirements to enable a serious reader to analyze the Qur'an in particular.  A few exercises dealing with topics in modern science and technology should enable participants to develop deeper insight into word structure and richness of expression in Arabic.          

In short, this course is designed to be an invaluable - if not unique - tool for those who earnestly seek tranquility with their Lord, sincerely pursue experiencing His Presence in their lives, and assiduously prepare to meet Him.

As always, we seek the Help, Blessings, and Rewards of Our Magnanimous Creator.

This course was developed by Omar Inshanally 'Shaikh Omar'. At an early age, he memorized the Qur'ān and thousands of hadith. 'Shaikh Omar' is fluent in several languages including Qur'ānic Arabic. For decades, he studied a vast array of countless classical Arabic literatures and is versed in contemporary Arabic as well. His wide spectrum of reading enables him to accurately understand how words were used during the time of the Prophet and communicate their meaning in our present time.  

'Shaikh Omar' is a trained professional teacher who served in several capacities of pedagogy including: physics and math professor; lecturer, senior master and Head of the Physics Department at Queens College, a premier college in the Caribbean; and physics examiner at the regional Caribbean Examinations Council.

All his life, 'Shaikh Omar' has been fervently involved in promoting proper understanding of Islam.  He was instrumental in the propagation and spread of Islam throughout Guyana and the Caribbean. While in the United States, he continued to dedicate his life to the propagation and proper understanding of Islam. His efforts led him to work with several religious groups and state and federal organizations. 

The "Think Arabic" course is a continuing effort by 'Shaikh Omar' and his team to propagate and foster proper understanding of Islam as taught by the Prophet. The first step of this effort is to learn Arabic.  


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